Thursday, March 5, 2009

Batang Ai : A very " Malay " name Guy ... lead 2 -1

By Abdul hakim Bujang

When I first asked a Sri Aman based reporter who was very close with the late Datuk Dublin Unting, he said the candidate is likely to be an agriculture engineer."I could not recall his name, but his name sounded like Malay, very familiar Malay name, he is Datuk best friend," the reporter told me.In fact, the engineer candidacy was endorsed by Ah Hau and Ah Tay coffee shops much earlier than that. Ah Hau and Ah Tay coffee shop are Barisan Nasional (BN) official cafe in Lubok Antu. Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) is based at Kedai No 3 (Shop no 3).If you happened to be in Lubok Antu, just ask around who will be the candidate, they will tell you Mosin Anak Penghulu Lamoh contesting against Nicholas Bawin.It is more than 20 days before the nomination, but the Lubok Antu populace are already more or less confirmed who will be serious contenders, not to mention the spoilers."Mosin" is well liked by the Dublin supporters, although some segment are obviously preferring Naga Alam, his former private secretary."Mosin" is Dublin relative, and his close friend since the 1970's when they were first joining Agriculture Department, and based in Kuching.Being a typical Kampung boy, moving to a city, Dublin and Mosin childhood friendship was extended as they worked together in Kuching.Apart from that, Mosin family is very close with Dublin."Mosin wife is the one who regularly helped and attended to Dublin wife when Datuk was hospitalised. They are very close, furthermore they are relatives who grew up together."Whenever there is joy occasion, birthdays of their children, festivities, they always celebrate together, and when Dublin was sick it was Mosin family that always there for them," Dublin cose aide told Sarawak Update.When asked for chances between "Mosin" and Nicholas, the aide said both side are having their own respective strength.The aide however, was very obvious having soft spot for Naga Alam."Masing only said one name kah, what about Naga," he asked.When told that the probable candidate will be a local boy and a graduate, he quickly said Naga is not.With Nelson Mujah saying no, Peter Umak saying no and Naga Alam non graduate, so the candidate endorsed by Kedai Kopi Ah Hau and Ah Tay is likely to fight against the candidate endorsed by Kedai No 3. On the paper, The "Malay" named guy already 2-1 up.
sumber : sarawak update

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