Monday, November 16, 2009

Marina Undau is BUMIPUTRA, Cabinet

YB Dato Sri Douglas Uggah

The cabinet today have made administrative ruling that Marina Undau and companies are now OFFICIALLY recognised as Bumiputera.
“If the FATHER is a BUMIPUTERA, the OFFSPRING (children) is Bumiputera,” revealed Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) senior vice president, Datuk Douglas Uggah Embas.
Uggah whom is also Minister of Natural Resources and Environment told Sarawak Update the Cabinet meeting chaired by DPM was attended by all Ministers.
“The amendment of constitution may take time so we have agreed to the administrative ruling,” he said, before reviewing the constitution at a later date.
“We want the change to take effect immediately and directive have been issued to all ministry to comply with ruling,” he said.
Uggah stressed that Barisan Nasional (BN) is a very responsible government and would do it very best to help the rakyat.
Earlier this month, Sarawak BN youth demand a permanent solution to the much publicised controversial Bumiputera status issue.
“We want the policy to be translated into action, and we want every officers at all level to understand,” PBB youth chief, Fadillah Yusof told Sarawak Update
Fadilah is baffled that the issue keep on repeating despite regularly being brought up to the parliament by Sarawak and Sabah backbenchers.
He stressed that BN youth of Sarawak would demand nothing less than concrete action from all Ministry.
He also could not understand what are the justification being used by the Ministry involved when it does not take rocket science to determine one ethnicity.
“It has to follow the father, if the father is native so the child is native although the mother is foreigner, what to say fellow Malaysian,” he argued., and this he stressed is clearly stipulated in Sarawak constitution.
Fadillah, therefore promised that the BN youth would make sure that the issue would be addressed, once and for all.
“We hope similar case would not be repeated,” he concluded, in a very meaningful gesture.
Sarawak Update broke the news earliest on October 28, here .
The Deputy Chief Minister promised to investigate the case thoroughly on October 29, here.
DCM also wrote to the PM, prompting the urgent Cabinet meeting to arrive at the decision today November 13.
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